The Zubizuri or the Campo Volantin Bridge or Puente del Campo Volantin, is a tied arch footbridge designed by architect Santiago Calatrava in 1990 and located across the Nervion River in Bilbao, Spain. The bridge opened in 1997, links between the Campo Volantin right bank and Uribitarte left bank of the river.

The bridge has unusual design with steel suspension cables supporter from an overhead arch. It using white as the main color and consists of translucent glass bricks on the bridge deck. The glass bricks accused of impracticality because it can become slippery in the wet climate of the city.

“The intelligence, vitality, and originality of the bridge’s curved configuration challenged the ordinariness and slow decline of the urban setting, bringing a message of hope and an invitation to imagine better conditions.” — Architectural professor Alexander Tzonis

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