This is a unusual, weird but cool desk lamp designed by Inbar. Inspired by Insect forms, Bug Light has a robotic insect-like shape that remind me of spy robots which usually seen on movies. It comes in unique packaging of cardboard box with holes, emphasize that this is a real “live” pet. More description by Inbar:

“Bug Light”, Your First Pet Lamp.

“Bug Light” is a desk lamp made of industrial parts and influenced by incect forms. The lamps are made in Israel in a special workshop for blind people as a community collaboration project.

The “Spider”, the “Mini Ant” and the “Praying Mantis” create together a series, where each bug is packed inside a cardboard box with “breathing holes”, like real pets.

Every Bug Light package includes a matching bulb that can be changed to various bulbs, giving the lamps different personalities and characteristics, making it easy for you to find your own pet lamp.

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