This is a unique lamp designed by Cristina Vezzini and Sheng Tsang Chen. It composed of hand carved bone china pieces and free blown glass as the shade. The bubble-lens on its surface add a weird an unique looks on this lamp. Description from the designer:

Close Up is available as pendant as table light.

The bone china pieces , inside the glass form, are slip casted and hand carved individually by Cristina Vezzini . 5 different types of Bone china pieces are available ( line- small line- dots -geometric- holes )

The glass Pieces are free blown by Sheng Tsang Chen so that each one is unique and bespoke.

On the glass, bubble-lens were created to distort and magnify the view of the Bone china inside. The Bone China appears distorted and magnify as looking inside a microscope. The connection between the material Bone China and the ‘immaterial’, light allows me to create a connection between the visible and invisible natural world.

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