This is a unique and weird looking chandelier designed by LU Murano. The interesting part beside the weird shape is that this chandelier is made of carbon fiber. More description by LU Murano:

The evolution of LU Murano chandeliers marches on with the presentation of TechnoLUgy, the new carbon fibre chandelier. Loyal to LU Murano design, the TechnoLUgy chandelier is a carbon fibre prototype made from moulds taken from an original LU blown glass chandelier.

TechnoLUgy bears witness to the creative vivacity of Fabio Fornasier, his commitment to research, experimentation and contemporary taste in selecting alternative materials to glass in making design chandeliers. But this chandelier is also an irresistible union of top-flight craftsmanship, technology and contemporary art.

Carbon fibre is an avant-garde material that has been widely applied in various fields, from aviation to the automobile industry, and lends itself to design in absolute elegance and beauty. TechnoLUgy is easier to install and only weighs 4 kg compared with the 40 kg of an equivalent in glass. Its lightness and high resistance makes it the most suitable choice for the production of custom-made chandeliers, even large ones, and, in particular, for the satisfaction of the lighting needs of luxury yachts.

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