Villa Savoye is a Le Corbusier‘s masterpiece villa in Poissy, France. It built in 1929 with the modern International Style. When World War II broke, the house fell into ruin and was left in a state of disrepair. After that, the villa rebuilt and now it is open for viewing. It looks like a floating building with the pilotis which buttress the main building.

The building is designed based on Le Corbusier’s basic tenets of a new aesthetic of architecture constructed in reinforced concrete. It is:

  • The pilotis, or ground-level supporting columns, elevate the building from the damp earth allowing the garden to flow beneath.
  • A flat roof terrace reclaims the area of the building site for domestic purposes, including a garden area.
  • The free plan, made possible by the elimination of load-bearing walls, consists of partitions placed where they are needed without regard for those on adjoining levels.
  • Horizontal windows provide even illumination and ventilation.
  • The freely-designed facade, unconstrained by load-bearing considerations, consists of a thin skin of wall and windows.

Villa Savoye designed to be a villa for Living ideal. For this purpose, there is a number of mechanical devices for easing manual tasks. The flat roof chosed by Le Corbusier for functionality. But less than fully functional and leaked. It not uses a normal stairs but ramps to go to one floor to another floor.

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