The V House is a house designed by Felipe Meza (architect of planb) and Giancarlo Mazzanti in 2006 and built in 2008. It located at Urbanización Aposentos, Sabana de Bogotá, Colombia. The house designed to create a relaxing atmoshpere on the house to taking away stress from the owner’s life.

The house has a grass field on top of the roof, make it classified as an eco-home. Used as a recreation house, it has a big risk to built on a slope, but the house also provide a great view to enjoy a native garden and the distant view of a wetland. The house also has a big risk when there is children on the house. Without fence on the roof, the children may fall of from the roof.

The Contributing architects included: Viviana Peña, Jose Orozco, Jaime Borbón, Andrés Sarmiento and Juan Pablo Buitrago. The constructor are Jaime Pizarro. Here is some photography by Rodrigo Davila

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