This is an unusual table designed by Alberto Dias Ribeiro for KUB. It consists 4 components that can be removed and placed back like a real puzzle. More description by KUB:

PUZZLE TABLE is not an usual table. We could say that it’s not just a table…

Actually this object consists of five distinct parts: a combining core and 4 removable components. Altogether there are 125 cubes, all equal, which are part of a larger cube.

It is a signed piece, handcrafted, in a close connection between creator and performer.

The PUZZLE TABLE lives of the interaction with its users. It needs to be discovered and experienced. It challenges different uses and proposes alternatives: it is a game to be played!

Type: Multipurpose coffee table
Author: Alberto Dias Ribeiro
Raw Material: Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
Finishing: Mate aqueous varnish
Dimensions (closed): 500x500x500mm
Pieces: 5
Total weight: 22,50 Kg

Tags: furniture collection, puzzle furniture design, unique table design, unusual table,