Katharina Eisenkoeck has designed this unusual lamp called Nomadic Lamp. Just like the title says, this lamp was designed to be portable like a lantern. The idea was taken from the early 20th century when leather was used by traveler in many things from flasks to suitcases or armory. The result is this unique piece of lamp that can be moved easily to wherever you like, thanks to the cordless design and induction charging system built in the shelf. More description by Katharina Eisenkoeck:

Nomadic light is an approach to create a companion in the flux of domestic consistency. The three lights form a family of objects that adapt to the changing needs of illumination within the home. In the early 20th century leather was a common material for the traveller used in a variety of objects ranging from flasks to suitcases or armoury. Showing the use of leather within its different stages of structural reinforcements through the techniques of Cuir Bouilli an ancient method of boiling and shaping leather is a reference to the traveller. The modern person has developed a similar way of living through a constant need for being on the move and demanding continuous change. The nomadic light is therefore an approach to become the 21st centuries companion for the restless. The permanent use of the object will add to the quality of the material over time and it might one day become a personalized piece to the owner.

The three lamps are cordless and can be recharged via an induction charging system built in the shelf. The light itself can simply be switched on and off through a touch sensor. The charging system and the light source was developed in collaboration with the Austrian LED research company Lumitech.

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