This is a unique table lamp designed by Thomas Hick. Folding Lamp comes in flat pack in form of 0.6mm pre-scored stainless steel sheet. The order and angle of each fold is up to you. So you will end up with your own unique lamp. It also comes in 6 different colors. And if you don’t like any of the color, you can paint it yourself! You can see the video here. More description by Thomas Hick:

Minimalist, Sophisticated Design. Each pre-dotted line and fold has been carefully designed to reflect light in unimaginable ways. You are invited to live this experience and be part of the journey by creating your own.

You start from a blank sheet of metal, fold it the way you want, put a light inside and you have just created your own design lamp. As a result, each lamp is unique and personal. For a more personal experience, the lamp can be switched on/off with a simple touch.

The Folding Lamp comes in 6 versions to match your style and your interior. The available materials and colors are respectively Matt Black & Gold, Matt White & Gold, Matt White & Copper, Sanded Matt White & Red Chilli, Brilliant Black & White Pearl and last but not least the original version made of Brushed Stainless Steel & Red Chilli. The lamp includes a 2m power cord to give you maximum flexibility in placing the lamp in your home.

The lamp material is a 0.6mm (0.024″) stainless steel sheet 48cm wide and 48cm (19″) long. The lamps are made in Belgium, Europe and meet European safety standards. They include a touch sensor, a led plate, EU, US or UK plugs, and works with 110V-240V.

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