This unusual pendant light will make your room looks interesting. Catherina 30 is made of LEOSTEEN, a very tough material that usually used for the production of industry floor.

Concrete floating lightly on the ceiling, a rare sight. And with wrinkles, it`s remarkably.

These shells are made of the lamp material LEOSTEEN, a very tough material, the basic components are used for example for the production of industry floor. The lampshade are hard as concrete, but to a third lighter, and more flexible under shock and it`s waterproof. The cast lamp shade show typical concrete surface, errors and irregularities are random, deliberately or consciously used. The thin walls allow the shell appear graceful. The surfaces may be prepared differently structured.

The material LEOSTEEN consists entirely of natural materials, there are no synthetic substances from oil production included. The surfaces were coated with a natural satin finish. To my knowledge, the material can not cause allergies. The lamps can be produced in many different colors (all shades of gray, black, white, yellow, red, brown, blue, green, violet). The lamp is made according to your request after the order is placed and payment is received. Changes to color and size are still possible thereafter. Each lamp is unique, it is hand made in my workshop

Diameter 11″, height 4.0″, weight 3.3lb. Include electric set with socked e27 (EU) or two pin socket US system and cabel 1,50 m + steel wire for hanging 1,50 m, or customer require up to 3,0 m

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