It looks like an ordinary clock, but there is something different. Yes, the center is slightly wrong. It is not in the tip of two hands but only in the center of minutes hand. Dislocation Clock is designed by Hanhsi Chen for Poetic Lab. It sure will amazed people who saw it. You can see the video here. More description by Poetic Lab:

Dislocation Clock is Taiwanese designer Hanhsi Chen’s most successful project during his two-year MA Degree at Royal College of Art. Through this profound analysis of the relationship between the essence of time and the function of time-pieces, Hanhsi Chen came out with a simple, elegant yet innovative
kinetic object.

At first glance this object looks like an ordinary clock with two hands. After a while, you may find the position of this clock is slightly different, as if its center had moved. This unexpected yet recognizable movement was created by simply shifting the rotating pivot from center to the other end of the minute hand.

Dislocation clock is a subtle moving sculpture with proper function, it did not intend to create a new way of telling the time, but to reconfigure an archetype in a new way which makes you re-think the concept of time.

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