This chair was designed by Tim Defleur and Benjamin Helle, a chair with unusual combination of static and mobile combination in one object. This chair has a backrest that can be removed and used as a skateboard. With this skateboard/backrest, this chair is perfect for large office or house. It allows you to move around in a jiffy. Just don’t use it for tricks. You can see the video here. More description by Tim Defleur:

Mobilité is the first perspective. A reflection about the mobility in working areas. It questions the possibility in future using a theatrical and humoristic situation and scenario.

Mobilité is a funny way to move between a place to another, between a colleague to your seat.

Treated as a piece of furniture, the skateboard is made of felt upholstered on foam to get the comfort when used as backseat.
It simply slides in a groove on the wooden seat boar

Materials :
metal leg and trucks
wooden board seat
upholstered felt skateboard
Dimensions :
40 x 45 x 85 cm (w x L x h)

Tags: furniture collection, unique chair design, unusual chair ideas,