Usually a cabinet must be sturdy to hold objects in it, but Studio Dewi van de Klomp ignore this characteristic and created soft cabinets that will change its shape when you place objects in it.

The Soft Cabinet Green is a Cabinet that moves sidewards, right or left, depending on the volume inside the cabinet. Put it next to a wall or another cabinet and fill the cabinet with your stuff. Watch how the cabinet forms and becomes an unique model.

The Soft Cabinet High is a Cabinet with long weak legs butt strong enough to stay straight up. Place your precious cups, books, or plants in the incisions of the belly to protect or to show them with proud.

The Soft Cabinet Small is the smallest cabinet of this collection. But that doesn’t mean it is really the smallest. Place your tableware in this cabinet and let the small cabinet show you how strong he is, like a young boy who wants to show you that he is a real man.

The Soft Cabinet Classic looks like a regular cabinet but nothing is what it looks like. The Soft Cabinet Classic is made of a strong but still soft foam-rubber. This cabinet shall remind his environment when he gets older and older.

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