This is a unique and modern lamp by Fyodor Lazariev. It needs no screw or glue to keep it standing even tough the base has a shape of cylinder. You can adjust the lamp angle and keep it standing by moving the roll of masses. More description by Fyodor Lazariev:

Balance desk Lamp Triad

Principle of operation:
The lamp is adjusted by a roll angle of the reference cylinder is fixed at a predetermined position by moving balancing weights.

The lamp consists of a shell, transparent cap, electrical parts (PCB with LEDs, wires, power button, AC\DC power connector). The body of lamp is Y-shaped, hollow cast structure. In one of the tubes is the LED board, opposite the tube serves as a guide for balancing weights. Lower tube ends supporting cylinder which is placed inside the power socket and power button. As a light source, LEDs are used. Expected voltage 12volt, to connect the lamp to a mains had used the lamp power supply unit.

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