This is a unique table designed by Duffy London, inspired by The Sentinel, a book by Arthur C. Clarke. It looks like frozen toppling monoliths, or for me it looks like falling dominos. It really looks interesting for your room. More description by Duffy London:

A concept inspired by the book 3001: the final odyssey

This monolithic design takes its inspiration from The Sentinel, a book by Arthur C. Clarke that went on to be made into the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, directed by Stanley Kubrick. A glass table top seems to balance miraculously on top of toppling monoliths, which appear to be frozen in a permanent state of impending collapse.

This mind-boggling dining table appears to the naked eye to be an impossible feat, but in reality it has its foundations in real physics.

Powder-coated mild steel, polished stainless steel, toughened glass.

Available in black, white, and polished stainless steel.

Dining (L)200cm (W)100cm (H)75cm

Additional Information
The Monolith Table is limited to 25 editions.

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