Designed by Lapo Germasi and Victor Pukhov from MID, this modern and unique stool was inspired by the traditional act of splitting firewood. The legs have a shape of split firewood but in modern design. This stool consists of a seat, legs and a plus-shaped wedge to tighten the legs up. This system makes it easy to assemble the stool. More description by MID:

Driven by the constantly changing relationship between humans and objects, Axel stool is an exploration in functional and emotional correlation. The stool is reminiscent of the past, and the materials that allow its creation, but with concepts focused on the future of design and interaction. natural ash wood is blended with the unbreakable industrial feeling of metal, held by a single driven wedge. Axel draws its visual language from traditional working tools – including the one needed to put it together – instilling through its simple gestures, a deeper connection between users and artifact.

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