Designed by Alvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera, this sofa is a combination of sofa, bed and “cabin”. It comes with heavy quilted drop down flaps, make it looks like a “tent” or “fortress” in our imagination when we were a kid. You can put both the flaps up, down or half and half. With this sofa you can have your own private and comfortable space for sleeping, reading, working or any other things you want. More description by the designers:

Orwell is a piece of furniture somewhere between a sofa, a bed, and a “cabin”, as it was lovingly called in the design studio before it was christened with the surname of the ‘1984’ writer. The name references the original idea of the product which was to recapture that intimacy which can sometimes be lost, even within our own homes.

Orwell invites you to rest it in its interior and resuscitate that childhood memory of a “cabin”, that magical, hidden place that all children wished they had.

The heavy quilted curtains insulate against sound, and its size, similar to that of a bed, allows it to be used either sitting or lying down.

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