This is a unique and unusual rug designed by Alessandro Isola. This rug is integrated to coffee table, creating two functional piece in one item. One side using soft and warm rug material while the other side using polished reflective surface which curved at one corner to create a modern looking coffee table. More description by Alessandro Isola:

If you look down you may see a crease, a fold or a wrinkle in the carpet for instance. Signifying a movement or activity that happened on the surface of that very floor space. Highlighted as a small furrow, ridge, or crease on a normally smooth surface, caused by crumpling, folding, or shrinking. This usually causes a slight annoyance and is firmly pulled straight. Stumble Upon enhances those folds and curves creating flexibility and contrast.

The fold or the flick of the corner edge momentarily reveals its craftsmanship. Its quality is usually measured by how well it is finished underneath. This thought has been accentuated and the fold of a corner has been exaggerated to produce a dual surface. Stumble Upon acts as a functional table area, accented with a contrasting material. The fold means it can be configured and tessellate into multi-functional surfaces that suit the moment. This additional surface is now functional but also gives flexibility and simply curves over to add more contact with the texture of the floor space.

Stumble Upon consists of a single sheet that provides two surfaces at differing levels. For comfort and function the material choice of these two surfaces creates a sharp contrast between the top part of the rug and the underlay. The top gives the sense it has been hand made with beautiful imperfections and the under laying material is a perfectly smooth surface. Usually the back of a rug is not attractive. If it is in fact the back! In this case the folding reveals a back that is probably even more stunning then the front, a polished reflective surface that is curved creates deformed reflections providing an unexpected effect. From a stumble on a rug to an annoying accident that happens constantly, it has become the inspiration for an everyday usable object.

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