Designed by Studio Beam, this lighting collection has unusual design where it has metal frame as the shade and showing what is inside the frame. Slims Lamps are comes in five different versions and several color to choose. More description by Studio Beam:

The Slims collection includes five light fixtures comprising a modern translation to the nostalgic industrial language by purifying its core structure to a contour line.

All collection fixtures are crafted in metal by using laser cut technology, and silver soldered by hand.

This collection was born after a long period of designing objects that induce heaviness around them. We had an urge to purify matter and feelings into a minimalist experience: our nostalgic memories of industrial objects designed in centuries past turned into a wire contour bone structure that light passing through it- defines the memory itself. We dismantled the industrial nostalgia in order to reach its DNA structure, and use it to construct a new language for a nostalgic future. Our path achieved a contour of a memory, which touched the heart of many people, and made the “Slims collection” a leading collection adopted by many true design lovers, and an ongoing success.

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