These are another unique but wonderful lamps designed by Art Donovan for Donovan Design Co called Teslagraff. It consist of three version of lamps to choose, each with its own unique design. Description from Art Donovan:

Three new and unique luminaires by Art Donovan for Donovan Design Co.

Contemporary designs informed by antique technology and steampunk. Each lamp is 16″ tall and may be suspended in a number of ways: Using our custom ceiling medallion as a pendant light or Mounted on the wall as a wall lamp by using our wall plate and projecting arm. (This method allows the lamp to function as both ambient pendant lights and wall washing track lights.)

The lamps use a combination of high intensity LED bulbs, CFL bulbs and decorative incandescent bulbs. The matte finishes and coloration of these lamps are a modern counterpoint to the antique industrial forms.

Donovan states, “The bold configurations, exposed, braided wiring and heat sinks give the impression of scientific contraptions in progress. Not overly-refined production models, but rather prototypes whose hand made forms and aesthetic takes a back seat to their function”

All lamps are hand made by Art Donovan of solid maple, brass, steel + glass.

As in all of our designs, the lamp heights, colors and finishes may be specified to any desired combination or custom color duplication.

Teslagraff #1 is shown in matte charcoal gray and and matte nickel + glass.

Teslagraff #2 is shown in matte black and matte gray with satin bronze. May be fitted with any kind combination of bulbs- spot or ambient light.

Teslagraff #3 is shown in matte burnt cinnamon, matte black and satin brass. Two high intensity LED bulbs and one CFL

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