Designed by Tom Davies, this unique lamp is inspired by Lavvu Tent, a traditional tent which used by the Sami People of Northern Scandinavian. It comes with two different light bulbs that can be independently switched on and off. A Plumen light bulb is used on top of this lamp, makes it looks more unique while giving a warm light to the surrounding. Inside the shade you can find a LED bulb that shows an organic pattern on the shade when it is lit on. YOu can see the video here. More description by Tom Davies:

Inspiration for the Lavu Lamp comes from the Lavvu Tent which was used by the Sami People of Northern Scandinavia to provide shelter from harsh arctic conditions. Its simplicity enabled the Sami to move quickly with their reindeer herds at a moment’s notice.

The design of Lavu Lamp is simple in order to radiate warmth and homely cosiness. In Danish, this feeling can be described as “hygge” (pronounced hoo-guh) and is especially important to Scandinavians, where life revolves around the home in light of the long, cold and dark winters. Just like many Scandinavian designs, Lavu Lamp aims to make the home a comfortable and cosy place of refuge through the use of natural materials, soft tones and simplified expressive forms that appeal to our feelings while being a functional design.

Lavu Lamp features two bulbs that can be independently switched on and off to meet your lighting needs.

On top, there is the Plumen 001 bulb; a modern day design classic which provides warm ambient light while beautifully mimicking the flowing form of smoke that would rise above a Lavvu tent.

Situated inside the shade is a replaceable, low-energy LED bulb that has a working lifetime of many thousands of hours. The LED bulb is low-heat and produces a warm down-light, perfect for setting the mood or getting ready for bed.

All bulbs are included when you order Lavu Lamp, so there is no need to worry about finding the right bulbs. All the searching has been done for you!

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