Designed by Fabien Barrero+Carsenat, this lamp was designed with mountains, their clouds and their white magical appearance as the inspiration. The result is this beautiful and sculptural table lamp that looks like a ral mountain. The light comes fro the ring, providing a soft light to the entire room. I just hope that the ring has a cloud shape. It would be better. More description by Fabien Barrero+Carsenat:

Mont is a table lamp, designed from the aesthetic of mountains, their clouds and their white magical appearance. The Bone China type porcelain has the particularity to be translucent. We wanted to create this lighting such as a sculptural thing. Made from local clay, the rocky shape bornt thanks to handy work, sculpting it. A slow process allowing us to setup a form with fidelity and care such the original which needs centuries to get his personality.

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