Armstrong is a unique lamp by Constantin Bolimond and MAXIM ALI, a lamp that trapping the light. It consists of spheres that has many holes where you can close it using the plugs. The idea it to adjust or “turn off” the lamp by using these plugs, but you can also turn it off completely using the third-party switch. You can choose the direction of the light and how much the light comes out from the sphere. More description by designers:

Power: battery or power supply network.

Lighting: LED lights (compared to the incandescent lamps LED consumes 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer, LED’s lifespan is about about 20 thousand hours).

The principle of inclusion: the light turns on by removing the plug; turns off by returning it to the place. It is also possible to use a third-party switch. Adjustment of the light intensity: depends on the number of open craters.

Light colour: warm white.

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