This is an unusual chair designed by Zaha Hadid Architects for Sawaya & Moroni. This chair has a double chair set that paced side-by-side, creating a unique form of manta ray from above. More description by Zaha Hadid Architects:

The surface as a field of experimentation capable of generating volume is the source of the Manta Ray Duo design. Hadid’s reseach into architectural surfaces capable of generating space and volume is a continuation of her work exhibited at the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale.

For the cast-aluminium double-seat Manta Ray Duo, a lightweight shell is created by gently folding the continuous surface to generate a plastic, embracing form: a double chair set side-by-side. Expressing the simplicity of its structure, the fluid, single surface models and unites as the twin-shell shape rises on its central axis to create an element of separation and support; an unusual armrest that is integral to the overall development of the form. At the same time, the more tightly defined curves of Y-shaped structure behind the seat can be perceived.

Photos by Jacopo Spilimbergo

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