This is a unique clock designed by Poetic Lab, using shadow to show the hours, minutes and seconds hands. They tried to show the relation between time and light, resulting this wonderful clock design. You can see the video here. More description by Poetic Lab:

Time is always closely related to light, either conceptually or experientially, and that is the starting point of the Shadow Clock.

Quite often we sense the relationship between light, shadow and time. Natural light goes through the leaves of the trees casting shadows around us, they gently move, they change their relative positions, and is this subtle movement of the shadow which evokes the passing of time. By bringing this sensation back to a functional object, we came up with Shadow Clock – a clock which tells the time with shadows.

The developement of the Shadow Clock was a three year long process, where more than seven different types of versions were considered, designed and prototyped. This lead to the current version where we separated the fitting of the light source away from the wall, referencing the archetype of Parentesi Lamp by Achille Castiglioni, with a hanging cable from the ceiling and a power cord with a brass counter weight which goes down to the main plug.

This leaves the shadow clock with a clean look and very direct concept – a simple object with poetic functionality.

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