This is a unique chair designed by Paolini Design. It has a shape that looks like the bottom of a gown. This chair makes the user who sits on it looks like wearing a gown from behind. Comes in two color to choose, red and white, you can choose the right color for you and make your room looks sexy. More description by Paolini Design:

The Sediagonna chair fits like a dress around the waist, stealing shapes from fashion and blending them with the famous design of Thonet`s Chair No.14. The design began as competition project, coordinated by big names such as Denis Santachiara, Riccardo Blumer and Giulio Cappellini. Sediagonna was among the 5 selected projects, and was described as “A daring and ironic interpretation of the classic Thonet; a sexed-up version that fits like a skirt”.

First made of wood, as an experiment with a difficult material, Giorgia wanted to use a material in the final design that was structural but light. A thin layer of epoxy finish fiberglass was the answer, resulting in a very light chair, with a weight of only 7kg.

The shape of the Sediagonna chair is sketched and edited in Autocad, and fine-tuned with additional 3D editing programs. This results in a light chair that is strong and stable, but has a gentle and feminine look to it. A limited edition of 100 Sediagonna Carbon Fiber Chairs and stools, each piece is numbered and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. Sediagonna is available in red and white, but can be ordered in any RAL color on request.

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