I remember playing with balancing bird toy which you place its beak on your finger and it will stay balanced. And this Origami Bird Lamp by Umut Yamac kinda reminded me to that interesting toy. This lamp is made of folded paper and brass with no cables needed to illuminate it. Just put it on the metal perch and it will illuminated trough the contact between the perch and the bird’s legs. Thanks to the well balanced brass weight, you can put it on the metal perch or any perch-like-things and it will sit on it. You can push it a little and it will swing around but it will never fall. You can see the video here. More description by Umut Yamac:

The Perch Light is a balancing sculptural light made of folded paper and brass. The lamp takes the form of an abstract bird which appears to be delicately balanced on its metal perch. The bird is illuminated through contact with the perch and this lets the bird balance and swing without any cables whilst maintaining luminance. The design was inspired by nature and in particular, the elegance and beauty of a bird sitting on its perch.

The bird has been precisely counterbalanced to sit in a resting position on its perch unless activated into gentle motion by wind or touch.

The bird can rest on either a floor-standing or wall-mounted perch. Each piece is fabricated by hand in London.

Photos by Tom Gildon

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