The interior of Union Swiss Office designed by Inhouse Brand Architects when the Union Swiss needed for a completely Eco-friendly office environment. The Union Swiss is a skincare company in Cape Town, South Africa which make and a global marketer of “bio-oil.” The task of the Inhouse Brand Architects is to create a completely Eco-friendly office environment that allowed the Union Swiss for expanding growth. The Union Swiss need an office which can illustrated their funky fresh work ethic whilst “living the green life.”

Every design aspect fulfilled by the “green” brief such as sustainable bamboo joinery pieces, a bamboo garden and a mechanical skylight allowing natural air flow. To separate the office room, it used joinery pieces and glass, enhancing spatial connectivity and a familial feel. A spiral staircase added on the entrance create a feeling that there is something special on the next floor.

The other accessories added such as custom made letter in-trays, quirky specialised clocks and the ‘bio-oil’ box barcode as the signature vinyl application to all glazing work.

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