The Umeå School of Architecture is part of the new Arts Campus at Umeå University and will also comprise the new Academy of Fine Arts and Art Museum, located besides of Umeå River in Umeå, Sweden. This building is designed by Henning Larsen Architects as a growth centre for future architecture and provide the framework for inspiration and innovation. The extrerior has a cubic expression with its larch facades and square windows placed in a vibrant, rhythmic sequence on all sides, while the interior has a landscape of open floor levels and sculpturally shaped stairs with white boxes hang freely from the ceiling filtering the light coming in through the high skylights. The interior is designed as a dynamic sequence of stairs and split, make it has a strong artistic expression.

The teaching rooms is only separated by the split levels and glass walls to create a bright and open study environment where everyone is part of the same room. It will provide mutual inspiration and the close exchange of knowledge and ideas for the student.

The drawing rooms has a crontrast design to the teaching rooms. It placed along the facades of the building in a strict and regular sequence of columns and beams have a simple and rational design. This room has varied pattern of windows, creates a strong visual effect and generously lets the light flow into the building and offers a breathtaking view of the river.

Photographs: Åke E son Lindman

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