This is a unique art structure designed by Michael Jantzen as a special place in which to retreat from the norm. It has a unique structure with hinges that allows it to be folded to reveal the scenery outside. More description by Michael Jantzen:

The Shape Shifting M-Velope is one in a series of functional art structures designed to be used as a special place in which to retreat from the norm. The structures range in size and shape, and most are made of sustainably grown wood that is colored with environmentally friendly stains or paints. In every case, the M-velope’s shape can be changed from a simple form to a complex form by repositioning the slotted hinged panels that surround the support frame. With only a minor adjustment in the positions of the surrounding slotted panels relative to the support frame, the original simple shape of the M-velope can be transformed into many more complex variations.

The M-velope shown here is approximately eleven feet tall, and eight feet square in its most simple configuration. When it is fully opened, it expands to a height of about twelve feet, a length of about sixteen feet, and a width of about eleven feet. The basic structure can be made larger, and/or the space can be increased by joining the M-velopes together. The slotted panels, support frame, floor, and ramps, all break down for shipping and can be reassembled almost anywhere with little or no foundation, depending on the site specific requirements.

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