These are touch sensitive lamp called LEDO – lamps in simple and modern design. All you need is touch the surface to activate all the features like light it on, adjust the light or change the color. And if you have desired color, you can use your smartphones to change it. Great, isn’t it? Description from LEDO:

LEDO makes TOUCH lamps in LED technology and diffuser in Solid Surface (HI-MACS® by LG Hausys / Corian Du Pont).

The lamps (MADE IN ITALY) are of high quality and reliability: The diffuser in Solid Surface allows us to express the maximum luminous efficiency of the LED and simultaneously offers a unique and unsurpassed design.

Touch-me is our slogan: just touch our lamps and they will light up gradually.

Adjust the brightness has never been so easy: touch and hold the lamp and it will fade until you moves away the hand, easily regulating the atmosphere of the house.

LEDO makes two types of lamps RGB (colored) that allow to change color of the lamp: With the model FANTASY you can easily choose the color holding the hand on the lamp until you has reached the desired color. With the RAINBOW model the color varies continuously and gradually with irresistible effect.

We have also developed an app for smartphones that allows you to change the color of lamp or simply turn it on/off, all remotely.

It ‘s great to be able to imagine to choose your own domestic atmosphere even before you get home!

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