The Palladin Bridge at Wilton House

The Palladin Bridge is a bridge building located at some sites. The original bridge located at Wilton House, Buckinghamshire, South East England, England, United Kingdom, near Salisbury. It designed by the ‘Architect Earl’ Lord Pembroke, Henry Herbert and his assistant, Roger Morris in 1737. The design is based on the original design by Andrea Palladio for the Rialto Bridge in Venice. Because the greatness of the design, there are two copies were made. One at Stowe in 1742, another one at Prior Park, near Bath.
The Palladin Bridge at Stowe

The Palladin Bridge at Prior Park The Palladin Bridge at Prior Park

The one at Stowe has differences to another bridge. It built lower than its model, make it approached by steps and raised the beautifull of the bridge.

Using bearing masonry stone as the construction, the bridge built for garden bridge with Neo-Palladian style.

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