Colored in blue, the kitchen looks had many color of on it. Actually, there is only two or three color of blue, but it looks different depending on the light. This kitchen designed by Kevin Ritter with soft, cool colors and worn surfaces. The Dutch cupboard built with antique lumber outside and has traditional ogee feet and handwrought iron hinges, make it like an old country Swedish kitchen. Although it looks old outside, it has all the modern features inside sudh as adjustable shelves, roll-out drawers with self-close glides, cleanable surfaces.

For the paint, it used traditional milk paint finishes -milk protein, lime, clay, and pigment mixed, makes a more earthy, organic material and all natural paint- which extremely durable. The milk paint is nearly impossible to get off once painted because it will goes into the wood and becomes part of the piece. For additional, Ritter did some secret process that involves a few different coats, some heating of the paint, and adding final coat using wax which really softens the surface and adds a protective layer.

The island separated into two pieces using table-height section, providing a lot of counter space where the owner can spread out. On this island, the kids can do homework while the parents are cooking.

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