Left Lamp is a super simple and minimalist lamp designed by Luca Corvatta. It has a shape of single wood beam with light source on one of it sides. With this simple shape, you can put this lamp anywhere you want. You can put it on the floor, a table, a shelf, or against the wall. To turn it on/off and adjust the light, You can just touch the small switch that looks like a small hole. More description by Luca Corvatta:

Left was created from the need of giving a versatile, simple and personal luminous object. Left can be placed on the floor, laid on the ground or left standing thanks to its shape. Just place Left in different positions to have various light effects. Easy to interact with, it can be dimmered by touching it. Left is going to be a limited edition with its first 50 pieces where you can choose from two different woods: oak and walnut. The power cord is available in different colours.

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