Designed by Ana Arana, this compact kitchen allows you to spare some space for other things. But don’t get fooled by its size, this kitchen has most of the things that a bigger kitchen has. You can cook, store your kitchenware, wash your dishes, or put foods in the mini refrigerator. More description by Ana Arana:

Gali is the outcome of a research concerning food consuming, social and living arrangements focused on single occupancy living and how individuals perform their daily rituals of preparation and consumption of it. Rituals involving food have take place since the beginning of human life and have develop until now. We no longer need a specific room to perform them, they happen anywhere imaginable and more and more often alone, like eating a sandwich on the street while running to work. So how to adapt that to a home? As a response to this growing trend of compact changeable lifestyles Gali is a revision of the kitchen. It is an essential part in the house but sometimes it occupies a space that not everyone would use in the same way. Gali is the intention of letting each individual distribute their space as wanted, having everything necessary to cook when needed but allowing the living space to embrace new possibilities.

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