Designed by Jarred Christison, this stool is perfect for you who need amplifier when playing your musical instrument. You can see the video here.

PIK stool combines the joy of playing music with the elegance and comfort of furniture design.
Focusing around the beautiful, crisp sound of acoustic guitar, the aim was to design a guitar amplifier that encaptures the pure essence of acoustic playing environments.

By imagining the feelings of a musician as they become captivated and lost on a musical journey, the focus was aimed toward designing a subtle amplifier that does not distract or pollute the purity of this process, but instead, create a small intimate environment to encourage the creation and sharing of music.

Extruding sound out in a 360 degree radius, the downward facing amplifier encompasses the player within their music.

Wooden European Beach legs stand below a dark grey knit upholstered seat creating a balance of two simple materials, diguising the technology and electronics within.

Not only a stool, “PIK” becomes a normal amplifier when turned over. To be sat on the ground, or table, this amplifier can create music wherever the user intends. By taking it off the legs, this uncovers an opening designed to extrude the music not only outward, but also vertically upward.

Simple on/off switch is delicately disguised beneath the upholstery, with a small sown red dot indicating its existance.

Four dials are used to control your required sound output (Volume, Gain. High, Low), designed to swivel around the body of the stool. Universal two way tabs enable each dial to be read both as a stool amplifier and upside down as a ground amplifier. Dials can be reached while playing on the stool, situated for the left hand to monouver while using your right to strum the guitar for precision tuning.

When not in use as a stool, “PIK” legs become a guitar lean-to stand, the suede label creates a non-slip pad for the guitar. The design enables the top half of the stool to swivel around 360 degrees, encouraging movement and rhythm as you become lost in your music. Two plugs at the rear indicate an input for the guitar lead, and also a headphone jack to keep those secret tunes to yourself.

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