This is an interesting lamp that will makes someone who see it wondering. It was designed by YOY to makes it looks like floating in the air. By floating, I mean is not standing still but looks like hovering in the air, thanks to the two motors that moves this lamp. When it moves, it will creates the shadow effect that moves too. Maybe for some people it will make them nausea, but it sure an interesting thing to watch. You can check how interesting it is from the video here. More description by YOY:

A lamp that is floating in the air. Inside the lampshade there is a unit of 2 motors to move itself irregularly and LED. It is fixed to the wall with a pole behind it. The whole room will move slightly when light moves.

Category : Wall light
Material : PS, Steel, Aluminum, LED, Motors
Dimensions : Φ360 H270 mm

Tags: furniture collection, unique lamp design, wall lamp ideas,