This is a simple but interesting lamp designed by Antoni Arola and Enric Rodríguez for Vibia. The simple-looking shape is inspired by bamboo plant and perfect during day or night for your outdoor. During the day it looks like plant-like decoration while at night it can lights the paths. More description by Antoni Arola:

The name, shape and the idea of its facility – when it comes to environment adaptation- where inspired by the bamboo plant.

Our idea was to take advantage of led technology to design a very slender shape lamp in a different variety of heights allowing us to “plant” a new family of lamps that give the consumer the opportunity to create his own configuration depending on his necessities.

The slim lines of the BAMBOO collection, designed by Antoni Arola & Enric Rodríguez, integrates naturally in the exterior surroundings. During the day it melts discreetly into the landscape. At night, BAMBOO illuminates and highlights paths, transit areas and also large open spaces. The result is a light installation that emits concentrated light beams among the darkness, illuminating without ruining the atmosphere.

The khaki, rust and stone tones of BAMBOO suggest the colors of earth and sand, while their composite structure guarantees the durability and the flexibility of this collection, having total resistance to oxidation and to atmospheric agents.

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