Designed by Izabela Boloz to rest against a wall, this minimalist bench has only two legs. You can simply place it against any wall, indoor and outdoor to use it immediately. Don’t worry that it will slip out, the rubber underneath the legs will prevents it. You can see the video here. More description by Izabela Boloz:

The Leaning Bench is a wooden bench designed to rest against a wall. The seating dares to question existing forms, proving that sometimes two legs will do just fine. It’s all down to balance. By simply leaning the bench back against the wall elegantly, the design creates sufficient stability, while playfully challenging gravity. The result is a surprising and engaging object with a fluid simplicity, uncluttered by extra supports. Less really is more in this case. Rubber underneath the legs prevents slipping, making this ash bench suitable for any kind of floor. The bench is big enough to seat two people.

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