Designed by Something for Penta, this simple and unique lamp is inspired by instruments from chemistry laboratories. It made from borosilicate glass, allowing the power cord clearly visible through the tube. More description by Something:

Labo is a collection of lamps made from borosilicate glass and as its name suggests, inspired by instruments from chemistry laboratories.

By eliminating the rather technical aspects, often present in these types of lamps, Labo aims to favour a more friendly and confidential interaction with the object.The lampshade and the structure of the lamps, made entirely of glass, support a lighting element, which reflects itself on the curved transparent surfaces of the object. The power cord covered with fabric is clearly visible through the glass that contains it, becoming an integral part of the project.

Labo comes in 3 different colours and is available as a small or tall desk lamp or as a floor standing reading lamp.

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