This lamp is designed by Bao-Nghi Droste. It provides a comfortable light that bright enough for reading and working. The design is simple and original, and somehow showing an elegant form. More description by Bao-Nghi:

Round is a small and elegant table lamp that, with its domed satinised acrylic diffuser, emits a wide light cone creating a brightly enlightened area in front of it. A comfortable atmosphere is generated, bright enough for reading and working when placed besides the bed or even a small secretary at home. The gently shaped steel tube could be described as the center piece of the lamp because on the one hand it pictures the flow of the current all the way up from the base to the light source within the shade, and on the other hand it acts as a function-providing element. Thus it is the rotation axis for the lamp for easy focusing and also provides a handle-like geometry for easily moving the lamp. Another notable detail is the back of the lamp shade where the steel tube enters. Sharp edges concentrically surround the hole as rings imaging a sort of epicenter at which the light emits.

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