Designed by Jacob Mazor, this lamp is a cheap solution for you who want a chandelier in your room. Actually, that is main the reason and idea why Mazor designed this Flat Chandelier. Just like the name says, this lamp comes with flat lampshade that is made of acrylic. This lampshade has wireframe pattern that create the 3D illusion of Chandelier. Now you can have a chandelier in small and cheap package. More description by Jacob Mazor:

The idea of Chandelier came at the time when i’ve been living in berlin, germany. i’ve had nice high ceiling with basic e27 light ( white electric string and bulb base).

Back then i wanted to get a proper lighting for a proper flat but i couldn’t aford to buy chandelier. After a while i came up with the idea of wireframe, flat chandelier :). Now we all can enjoy this product.

Transform any room in your house to a more modern, minimalist area. The Flat Chandelier’s 2D form offers an elegant design, while appearing 3D from a frontal view.

The Flat Chandelier is made out of thick clear acrylic and is easy to install with only 3 simple steps.

wide: 32cm / 12.5 in
high: 26 cm / 10.2 in

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