This lamp was designed by Ol’ha Shevchenko. It has a simple structure and design made from cardboard strips and two metal clips. If you don’t like the shape or the color, just modify it by changing the position and curvature of the stripes or paint them in any possible way. By the shape and color, you change the light effect too. I think it will be beautiful with colorful transparent plastic sheets. More description by Ol’ha Shevchenko:

In modern society creative process – it’s a joint work of all the designers, artists and other creative persons. With the appearance of internet the process of ideas exchanging became fulminant. Everybody brings their own ideas from time to time, but also uses others’ ideas as a base to create something new and unique.

The same way this lamp is not a static art object, but in some way an interactive installation, which changes all the time through the intervention of its users.

It has numerous cardboard stripes bounded with two metal clips. Everyone can change the position and curvature of the stripes, as far as paint them in any possible way. And if you feel like you need to take a part of it – just to have something to remember about nice evening with your friends – you can take one or more painted stripes, or just a piece of it, using figured puncher or something like that. Even taking a part of it you are creating the design of this lamp.

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