This is a simple kids furniture designed by Christian Troels and Michael Knap. It made of U-shaped veneers that can be used as different type of furniture based on your kids’ age. It can be transformed into a crib, rocking horse and balance board. You can see the video here. Description from designers:

GRO^ is a new interpretation of the classic rocking horse. With a simple aesthetic that speaks to adults and with a simple function that speaks to children.

GRO^ is built on Fritz Hansen’s knowledge about furniture made of veneers, as well as an idea to create a children’s furniture that contains a simple Scandinavian style.

0 -10 months

GRO^ is not just a piece of furniture, but
more a frame that is following the child in the early years of
its life. The first step is the crib to the
newborns. It is hung on the frame, and allows the opportunity to rock the baby in two axes.

2 – 4 years.

When the child is around 2 years old, you can put up a seat in the frame. This makes a simple rocking horse, that have a very aesthetics graphic.

3 – 6 years.

The third option you have is to buckle a balance board in the bottom of the frame. This gives a little more challenge and fun for the older children.

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