Designed by Philip Bogaerts, this simple and minimalist shelves was designed to mimic the shape of stones. The use of gray and fabric with its rough surface makes it looks more like a real stone. It comes in different sizes that can be combined in any position you want. You can install it in random position to make it looks more natural, like stepping stones that come out naturally from your wall. More description by Philip Bogaerts:

In the design process of creating the ‘stones’ collection, Philip Bogaerts had one thing in mind: “we should create wall objects which people can use for displaying there most beloved objects but also they should be beautiful on it’s own.” The stones collection is an playful setting of stone-like elements which you can mount in any setting you wish. You can create a whole wall with different sizes of stones for displaying objects whether it is in an museum, public area, restaurant or your home.

Stones is a collection containing 3 elements made of wood and covered with fabric. The stones can be mounted on any wall by using 2 screws. Standard colors are grey/brown tones mixed with different types of fabric like felt and woven fabrics. Upon request colors and fabrics can be customized.

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