Designed by Scoope Design, this chair can be used in many ways. You can use it as a normal chair, stepladder, children desk, stool or bedside coatrack. What you need, you Have it! More description by Scoope Design:

SUPERBAMBI is a contemporary, super-smart piece created to inspire new and funny stories of everyday life. Just like the Greek gods who shape-shifted into humans, beasts, and everything in between, SUPERBAMBI exercises these deific abilities for it too can mimic multiple interactive objects. Many adventures await this superhero chair, which acts as a stepladder by day and transforms into a children’s desk by night. Other identities include keeping watch as a bedside coatrack – with its deer ears perked in attention – or supporting good citizens even as a simple stool. The wooden chair is composed of two movable and interlocking pieces, the orange one complementing the white as the classic comic-book cape of sorts. Just imagine the great stories that you, as sidekick to SUPERBAMBI, would have to tell!!

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