This is a simple and colorful chair designed by PAULvanGINKEL. This handbuilt chair has a clean form with bright and colorful upholstery, A nice view for a contemporary interior. More description by PAULvanGINKEL:

These custom handbuilt Pollak Orly prototype chairs bring color and shine to a Space Age design. The bright upholstery and clean forms come together beautifully to create visually stunning shells. The stitching emphasizes the great shapes Pollak incorporated in their original design. Combined with the simplicity of the shiny copper-tube frames, these chairs fulfill the full potential of the original design with a fresh zest for color and bling.

These 1970’s shells have been professionally upholstered using a high grade felt made from 100% wool. All stitching is done by hand, as is the construction of the entire copper tube frame.

Development of the frame will continue into 2015.The chairs are expected to be available for purchase March 2015.

About the builders: For the first time, Paul van Ginkel and Jelle Burgers have joined forces to develop a project together. Working and living in Amsterdam, they were inspired by the designs on display in galleries, flea markets or resale shops throughout the city.

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