It may looks like an ordinary chest of drawers, but with the sculpture on its surface it looks beautiful. It was designed by Martin Gallagher who was inspired by the sea. The sculpture represents the characteristics of the sea, fluidity, and energy. It may looks simple but it sure looks beautiful. More description by Martin Gallagher:

Observation of aquatic environments inspired Cascade, a sculptural chest of drawers, made from ash and finished in a white pigmented stain achieving a soft contemporary aesthetic. Being a keen surfer and living close to the sea in the North West of Ireland, has been an underlying influence in its design and development. Cascade embodies numerous characteristics of the sea, fluidity, energy; power, motion and grace are translated into hand sculpted channels through their form, structure, depth and composition.

The sweeping channels bring to mind the movement of waves or the rush of water surging downstream, winding its way along the path of least resistance before fading softly as it meets the sea. The five drawers are touch operated, which when opened, fracture the free flowing channels on the front, creating unique edge profiles and revealing luxurious suede lined drawers.

Photos by Roland Paschhoff

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