This is a chair by Jens Vium Skaarup which will be perfect for you who have a small apartment or love to gather with your friends outside. It will take only a little space when stored and need only a wall when you want to use it.

To make a chair for people who live in apartment and which to sit outside in the sun but have to use the sidewalk. The chair has to take up as little space as possible when not in use.

In my old apartment we used to drink coffee outside in the sun on the sidewalk. We used to bring down old garden chairs, but they took up the entire sidewalk and weren’t stable on the uneven sidewalk. Eventually we stopped bringing chairs.

I worked with the principle that the chair had to be light, simple and unpretentious. I thought that two legs should be enough, you could lean against the wall to increase stability. The two legs also fixed the problem with the uneven sidewalk. It proved stable enough to sit without leaning against the wall.

A simple construction that consists of eight parts and needs only a standard plank 1.5 meter in length. Glued. Can be manufactured by CNC if needed.

The chair was awarded at the 2012 FSC-competition for sustainable wooden design

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