Although it looks simple, this sink sure will beautify your bathroom. Designed by Emo Design for Scarabeo, it accentuate the soft and smooth design with its rounded edge and circular ceramic plate that hides the drain hole. This shapes create a fluid design that interprets the continuous flowing of water. More description by Emo Design:

The bathroom market is evolving continuously. In recent years, the introduction of new materials has overturned the way of thinking to the bathroom, offering new solutions that often modify the functionality and the aesthetics of products. Indeed, if the introduction of new technologies has changed the forms and the shapes proposed by companies that produce bathroom accessories with composite materials, on the other side it has driven ceramic sink producers to innovate their lines.

Scarabeo Ceramiche represents one of these companies. Founded in 1974 by the Master of Ceramic Arts Giovanni Calisti, it had started its activity with the production of ceramic accessories and only later it started the production of ceramic sinks. Today, the international market represents the main business of the company and only a small part of the production is directed to the Italian market. Scarabeo has asked Emo the design of a functional but aesthetic sink that could adapt to many environments.

From an initial analysis of the catalogue, Emo design has not seen a distinctive and common character on the company’s products; therefore it has proposed a bathroom system that, with simple attentions on details and accessories, could configure a functional and complete environment, defining a reference for the company.

The collection Fuji was designed with that aim and it is characterized by soft and essential lines that evolve from the sink to all its complements. The sink has a rectangular shape and smooth angles able to express its adaptability to many different environments. The design language interprets the continuous flowing of water through convex lines that evolve into soft surfaces, giving the pleasant feeling of ceramic naturalness. The distinctive detail of the sink is the circular ceramic plate that hides the drain hole, designing the inner profile with a graphic sign with a strong personality.

Moreover, the harmonious and precise lines are proposed into the system complements as the mirror and the console. The latter made of steel has been designed with an integrated towel rack for the best functionality. While the console gives a romantic appeal to the bath system contrasting its essentiality, the solid oak wood shelf, which can carry towels and toiletry, refers to the design language through the same central cut that recalls the lines of the mirror and the sink. Fuji is thus a complete project where every single component contributes to characterize the whole system.

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